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Sourcing talent when done the right way is hard work. Keyword searches yield only 60% of talent. Top talent works hard to remain hidden and requires tools like CBT (Company based targeting), TITO (Talent in, talent out analysis), Iceberg sourcing, SRM (skillsets ranking matrix) etc.

Our goal is to source 80%+ of top tier talent. Your recruiters take it on from here with reach out. Of course we maintain the sourcing pipelines with updated candidate data.

The relevant talent pool is mapped & analyzed to understand the quality and quantity of the pool. Company research, competitor analysis, salary analysis, job postings are all input into the mapping process.

The better we understand the ecosystem, the better we succeed as we get to know your direct and indirect competitors. This ensures the right targeting and focus.

TITO attempts to analyze and understand your company’s own ecosystem in hiring talent. Talent in – where (what companies) does talent come from. Talent out – where (what companies) does talent leave to go. This helps us determine a baseline to work with.

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