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Team of 4 Specialists!!!!

More bandwidth means more candidates.
Faster hiring with the RIGHT talent!


Pipelines included!!

Full 12 months!
Protects me for attrition!
Covers for future growth!
Hiring from pipelines is ZERO cost!!


I saved over $10k!!

60% off agency pricing
Flat, affordable pricing
Pricing starts at $6k


Start with a no-cost feasibility study!
Send us your most challenging role.
We will have an answer within 24 hours!
The proof is in the pudding!!

Call us at 214.432.0842

Sourcing driven Recruiting Solutions for SMB companies - Current, Future & Forever

We are a sourcing based recruiting solutions provider. We source talent across all 3 time zones with our unique team based model and 12 month post project support with pipelines - all at pricing points that are up to 60% lower than your standard staffing firm.

More Sourcing = Faster closings with the RIGHT talent

With our unique team-based approach we quadruple your sourcing bandwidth. This means more research, more sourcing, more reach out and more headhunting. End result - a wider pool of candidates to hire from. Faster closings with the RIGHT talent.

12-month Pipelines = Peace of mind!

Our 12-month pipelines give you peace of mind and cover you for any future attrition/growth. Hiring from pipelines is at zero cost to you.

Sourcing Platform = Bring sourcing in-house

Our sourcing platform helps you build a robust framework to source talent in house for your talent acquisition staff.

60% Lower Pricing = Major cost savings!

Our flat pricing is up to 60% lower pricing than your typical staffing agency.

600+ Clients = 10 years of execution!

Over 600+ satisfied SMB clients. Services include placement services, sourcing support & diversity talent acquisition.

With Placements + Pipelines + Platform + Pricing = Best ROI Nationally!!

A team of 4 specialists quadruple your sourcing bandwidth to find you the right talent – double your staffing agency submissions!


60% lower pricing than your standard staffing agency with our flat pricing. Multiple placement discounts. Specially crafted for SMB companies!


We build you 12 month pipelines at no extra cost for any growth or attrition. Any hires from the pipelines are ZERO cost to you. Beat that!


Flat pricing. Up to 60% lower than your typical staffing agency.

More sourcing, more reach out, more submissions to find the RIGHT talent.


Over 80% of our projects get completed in 4 weeks to ensure TIMELY hires.


Up to 60% lower pricing than your staffing agency. Flat pricing. The RIGHT pricing.


RIGHT talent, RIGHT time, RIGHT price = RIGHT value for the NOW & FUTURE!


Key Benefits

With platforms like LinkedIn, SMB companies should not be paying exorbitant staffing agency fees. We help you leverage these tools by providing the manpower and expertise.

A long term value proposition that benefits you for the NOW (closing roles with the RIGHT talent); for the FUTURE (12 month pipelines) and the FOREVER (robust sourcing platform)

  • Team based approach – quadruple project effort – researcher, sourcer, outreach and storyteller
  • More submissions means more shortlisted candidates to find the “RIGHT” fit
  • Increased project effort leads to faster project closing as candidates get quickly submitted
  • Pipelines give you peace of mind for any attrition/growth occurring for the next 12 months
  • Ancillary support helps you with scheduling, screening, data entry, research for the project
  • Consulting support helps your senior HR team with workforce planning, talent mapping etc.
  • Ongoing engagement with weekly dashboard meetings means a better client experience
  • Low flat pricing means up to 60% lower cost than your staffing agency
  • Platform includes our 12-month pipelines

Frequently asked Questions

We have worked within 90% of industries over the last decade. Our robust methodology and processes benefit all industries as long as the talent pool exists.

While our core competency is sales we have worked with nearly all skill sets. We run a quick feasibility study before we take on any project. We only take projects where we can succeed.

Nationally. Having been in business for over 10 years we have worked across all states including Alaska! Refer to our Clients section for our clients and locations.

We have worked with over 600+ SMB clients and over a dozen Fortune 100 companies. Refer to our Clients tab for details.

Upto 60% lower pricing that the typical staffing agency. Our flat pricing is very affordable and specifically catered to the SMB space. Factor in 12 month pipelines and support, and you have an enviable ROI!!

Our 3 P’s: close for the now with quality PLACEMENTS using our unique team-based model; build PIPELINES for the future for any growth/attrition and a PLATFORM (support and knowledge bases) for the forever.

The typical staffing firm goes for the low hanging fruit. Submit a few candidates. If nothing sticks move on to the next client. We do not abandon clients. Finding the right talent can be tedious and time consuming at times. We work with you (however long it may take) – yes, you heard right – to get you the right talent!


Yes we do with our % pricing model.

Depends on the complexity of the role. A complex role lasts around 4 weeks. Week 1 – we get our ducks in a row (all initial research, analysis, template design, marketing reach out completed). Week 2 – Week 4 submissions with weekly dashboard meetings. Projects are closed with a post project assessment.

As soon as a  Hiring Manager fact finding meeting is scheduled. The fact finding meeting takes around an hour where we understand in depth the role and the organization.

During the course of the project we source a good number of qualified candidates. A certain % is not interested at this point in time (new job, happy for now). We put these folks in a database with contact details and hand the pipeline to you on project completion. You can now tap into this pipeline for the next 12 months. Any hire you make are at zero cost to you. If you lack the resources we can tap into the pipelines and do reach out on your behalf for a discounted price.

With a team based effort we have the additional bandwidth to help you with any sourcing/recruiting related tasks like scheduling, screening, data entry, research etc. We are an extension of your internal team. Let us help you succeed.


Robust methodology with a seasoned team that has delivered over 1000+ projects across all industries.

We are fully vested to ensure your success. With a team based approach we find you the right talent with more sourcing, more reach out and more submissions!!

Weekly dashboard meetings, helping you manage end user expectations, help with ancillary tasks like scheduling and workforce planning ensure a great partnership!

Placements + Pipelines + Platform + Pricing

With more quality, quantity submissions, pipelines, platform and pricing we beat the industry heads down in offering the best value in town, regionally and nationally!


Expensive dinosaurs functioning in the pre-Linkedin arena. Stale, old, recycled candidates. No pipelines. No support. Say NO to Staffing Agency!

Staffing agency go for the low hanging fruit. Throw some stale candidates from old databases hoping someone sticks. Else, move on! No real commitment, no real guarantee to carry on working till the magic happens!! Discard them!

Weekly dashboard meetings, helping you manage end user expectations, help with ancillary tasks like scheduling, market intelligence, workforce planning ensure a great partnership for the now and future! Discard your staffing agency!

Our model – with more quality and quantity submissions, pipelines, platform, pricing and ancillary support we beat traditional staffing agencies heads down in offering the best value in town, regionally, nationally! Discard your staffing agency!

Our Clients – National
Over 10 years of fruitful partnerships with over 300+ clients ranging from the Fortune 100 to smaller SMB companies.

Let's get started!
A tough role that is keeping you awake? Need more qualified candidates? Pressure to close?

Kevin Allen, VP Sales

Reach out to me to showcase how our unique model can potentially support your needs.

Email me at info@globalrhymes.com or call 214 432 0842


With LinkedIn Recruiter, there is no need to pay exorbitant staffing agency fees! Dump your staffing agency for a solution that doubles your submissions at up to 60% lower cost - 100% passive talent - real time sourcing!!