A team of 4 specialists QUADRUPLE sales

Up to 40% of a sales rep time is spent on “non-sales” tasks which while necessary take them away from selling. Not good:(
50% of the people are in support roles helping reps in the best sales teams - HBR (Harvard Business Review. Smart:)
87% of salespeople say their companies require them to use CRM the correct way, but a whopping 78% admit that they only do the minimum! Bad:(
70% of B2B business data decays annually without fail. Current & relevant data is the most valuable asset of any salesperson. Real bad:(
Over 70% of reps do not research enough or do not go deep. Mainly due to time constraints and being tedious. As a result, many a sale is lost! Evil:(

SMB companies with less than 50 reps face unique sales performance challenges. Small team size encourages lackadaisical behaviors – not following sales processes, doing the bare minimum, CRM underutilized, inaccurate reporting, company having to stick with low performers. One of the top 5 reasons sales teams do not meet quota is lack of day-to-day sales support (the other four being bad hires, a weak sales process, no proper reporting, accountability and lack of consistency).

Support team will help with their daily ‘non-sales’ tasks so they can be productive and focus on selling. These “non-sales” tasks include: • Activities (email – scheduling, reminders, follow up) • Prospecting (lead gen through email campaigns) • Research (lead qualification, prep for meetings) • Reporting (daily activities, productivity) • CRM (daily entry/updates/scrubbing)

Maintaining the CRM is critical for growth in sales productivity. It ensures reps are process compliant. Good data ensures quality reporting. Your reps can now focus on selling and spend up to 40% of their valuable time in “non-productive” that include CRM upkeep.

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