A team of 4 specialists QUADRUPLE bandwidth

Strength-based execution with a team of specialists to multiply research, sourcing & outreach bandwidth. Outcome - faster closings with the RIGHT talent.
Real time searches mean all projects start from the ground up, 100% passive talent, no recycled candidates.
Research driven sourcing means talent with the RIGHT cultural fit, hidden companies, hidden talent, beyond keyword searches.
Superior user experience with dashboard weekly reporting/progress/intake/project close meetings. 100% transparency!
Come in where other agencies fail with more bandwidth, more analysis, more research, more sourcing, more outreach. More of everything for success!

The initial months of a new sales hire is critical. They need to quickly learn the ropes while not losing sight of the reason they were hired – to sell. However, the rep may get bogged down with daily non-sales mundane tasks. Our ramp up support is to help them transition into their new role by performing some of their daily ‘non-sales’ tasks so they can be productive and focus on selling. Subject to Qualification.

40 hours of recruiting support for you per role. Includes resume screening, ATS entry, ATS updates, any research, competitive intelligence, comp analysis, talent pool analysis, job posting research, template design etc.

As we wind down our role it makes sense to plan ahead & see if we can continue to help you down the road. We can pipeline up to 4 roles similar to the one we helped you with. Pipelines entail sourcing candidates before the role opens. So, when the role opens the research & sourcing has already taken place. Subject to Qualification.

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