Hiring with Flawed Quotas

by Raj Bhargava

Hiring with Flawed Quotas

by Raj Bhargava

by Raj Bhargava

You are new to the organization. Your hiring manager (HM) hands you the first assignment of finding sales talent. Find two AE’s that have sold using quotas in the past. You look at the quotas and these go past you as they are just some big numbers. Anyway, you get going by creating a JD (job description) and run it by the HM who makes some changes and OK’s the requisition (req) for posting. You reach out to a couple of staffing agencies you have worked in the past. Agencies start sending candidates who have the right years of experience but have different industry backgrounds. Resumes include quota figures.

The interviews start becoming the challenge as you realize – when it comes to quotas you are comparing apples to oranges. There are too many variables for a one to one realistic comparison. Services the company sells, pricing, company branding, sales environment, maturity of the sales process, sales leadership, sales culture etc. So, you discard the numbers and keep it simple. Has this individual worked in a quota based environment? While the screening becomes much easier – just because they worked in a quota environment does not mean they achieved their numbers (quotas). What if the numbers were somewhat over ambitious? What if less than 5% of the sales workforce came even close. You realize you are at the same spot you started. Ground zero!

Sales quotas can he both good and harmful if not done the right way. A overzealous firm may have unrealistic numbers which are not achievable and lead to tons of attrition. SMB companies can have a real challenge plugging in the right quota systems that align with the talent they attract.

From a hiring standpoint, the recruiter cannot be bogged down by the numbers of will go berserk comparing two sets of numbers with different inputs. A better approach is to focus on the sales person’s sales skillets irrespective of quota background or quota achievements. I have yet to meet a salesperson in an interview who has not achieved his or her quota. They all do!! Brush those numbers aside. Do not get overtly influenced with “achieved 125% of quota”. Also let your staffing agency know you will not be influenced by those quota numbers!!

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Raj Bhargava

Raj Bhargava is the VP of Sourcing Support for Global Rhymes/Sourcing Geeks. Global Rhymes helps small to mid-size companies source and hire great sales talent. Sourcing Geeks helps enterprise companies with sourcing support and diversity sourcing. We have partnered with over 600 companies in the last decade. Enterprise clients have included: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, GE, HP, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Comcast, Verizon, Bic, Gap, Staples, Liberty Mutual, Prudential, DuPont, BIC, Blue Cross Blue Shield, WPP, Cisco, Citrix, Avery Dennison, Bank of America, Bloomberg, Gannett. Our Model: https://youtu.be/ib2X3EsQw3E