There is a Better Way!!

Placements + Pipelines + Platform + Pricing = Best ROI Nationally!!

There is a Better Way!!

Placements + Pipelines + Platform + Pricing = Best ROI Nationally!!

by grnaj

Staffing Agencies versus Global Rhymes

No Longevity

Staffing agencies are quick band aid solutions. They are expensive and have a very low ROI with what they deliver. No pipelines, no platforms, no consulting. There is no guarantee they will stick around. If they do not get a quick return they move on to the next customer

No Trusted Partnership

Staffing agencies do not help you build your own sourcing infrastructure. They do not act as your advisor. You cannot rely on them to help you with workforce planning; talent mapping; building knowledge bases; best practices and a sourcing platform

Key Disadvantages

Agencies are not the way to go. Period

  • Go for the low hanging fruit with stale databases
  • No long term coverage with talent pipelines
  • No long term suppport to help build a robust sourcing platform
  • Abandon projects that do not yield quick results
  • Increase pressure to make a placement
  • Minimum pool of candidates to shortlist
  • Very pricey
  • Quick “band-aid” solution

Go for the low hanging  fruit. If nothing sticks, move on to the next client. Unfortunately this is NOT how recruiting works. You need to put in the time, effort and expertise to understand, analyze and then find the RIGHT talent!

Constant pressure to close. No real time sourcing. No 100% passive talent sourcing. No team effort.

No support. No coverage. No sharing of knowledge.

No support to help you build a sustainable sourcing platform. No support with tasks like workforce planning, talent mapping.  No coverage with talent pipelines.

With small shortlisted candidates; no pipelines; no platform; no support – the ROI is low