Providing Extraordinary Value in Hiring Sales Talent!!

Lead gen + Sourcing support + 12 month pipelines = Best ROI Nationally!!

Providing Extraordinary Value in Hiring Sales Talent!!

Lead gen + Sourcing support + 12 month pipelines = Best ROI Nationally!!

by Raj Bhargava

Staffing Agencies versus Global Rhymes

Fast Hiring with the RIGHT talent!

Project execution with our team of specialists quadruple bandwidth – more research, sourcing, reach out and headhunting means a wider selection of candidates to shortlist from. Our iceberg sourcing methodology lends itself to finding hidden talent within hidden companies. Results – faster hiring with the RIGHT talent!

Superior Client Experience!

Over the last decade we have worked with over 600+ clients and know what it takes to deliver the “RIGHT” way in a timely manner to companies of all sizes ranging from the Fortune 100 to a much smaller SMB company . A project-based environment with superior team-based execution, defined deliverables and communications ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.

Providing Extraordinary Value in Hiring Sales Talent!!

We go beyond your standard staffing firm in providing extraordinary value that includes helping your new sales hires with lead gen activities to help them quickly ramp up and your recruiters with sourcing support. Add our 12-month pipelines and you have extraordinary value.

Key Benefits

Our value proposition extends beyond helping you hire A+ sales talent. We help your new sales hires ramp up quickly with lead gen activities.

In addition, we help your recruiters be more productive by helping them source for their open sales roles.

We call this – providing extraordinary value in hiring sales talent!!

  • Project based execution with defined deliverables, milestones, reporting and outcome
  • Team based approach – quadruples project effort – researcher, sourcer, outreach and storyteller
  • More submissions mean more shortlisted candidates to find the “RIGHT” fit
  • Real time sourcing means projects are started from ground zero with no stale, recycled candidates
  • Iceberg sourcing ensures finding hidden talent from hidden companies
  • Pipelines give you peace of mind for any attrition within the next 12 months
  • Productive hiring – Lead gen activities to quickly ramp up your new sales hires ensures quick productivity
  • Productive recruiting – Free sourcing for your open sales roles increases your recruiter’s productivity
  • Ongoing engagement with weekly dashboard reporting ensures a better client experience