Helping you find the "RIGHT" talent!!.

Success = placement + pipelines + platform + pricing

Helping you find the "RIGHT" talent!!.

Success = placement + pipelines + platform + pricing

by Raj Bhargava
Having partnered with over 300 companies we know what it takes to succeed and help you for the now, the future and the forever!!.

Our Clients Say...

“Great experience. Very reponsive. Agile delivery. Amazing flexibility. Super selection of talent. 12 months covered with pipelines. Beat any staffing agency with their model”.
Fortune 100 Company

“Global Rhymes helped us from the inception. Did market analysis and help us create the right profile with the right message for the right audience. Their expertise and delivery is A”.

Networking — Miami, Florida

“We wanted a speedy execution. While the scope of work change, Global Rhymes took it in their stride. We had 4 candidates lined up by the second week. Happy with their performance”.

Advertising — Manhattan, NY

“I cannot recommend talking on how they helped us with a good selection of talent to choose from.This helps find the best out there who will stick with us in the long run”.

AI Software — DFW, TX

“For us, it was the screening process. We needed to be 100% sure we had the right candidate. The screening was extensive. Great experience. Would strongly recommend”.

Energy — Houston, Texas

Talent Pipelines

“The 12 month pipeline program that covers for your a whole year got our attention. Have not come across any staffing firm that offers this unique value proposition. Great peace of mind”.

Healthcare  — LA, California

“We were pleasantly surprised when the company offered us their sourcing knowledge base with pipeline of candidates. It was knowledge that we can use internally for sourcing.”

Insurance — Dublin, Ohio


We know how to make the magic happen. To find you the right talent for the NOW, the FUTURE and FOREVER!!