All attrition/growth covered for next 12 months!

It is all about being proactive and prepared.

All attrition/growth covered for next 12 months!

It is all about being proactive and prepared.

by Raj Bhargava
There is no reason to be chasing candidates or rushing to fill jobs with the wrong talent. With some proactive workforce planning and talent pipelines development you sure can be ahead of the curve. Always ready with talent pipelines

Building Talent Pipelines

The best way to build talent pipelines is to tie it with the sourcing process for tangible roles. Candidates who are not interested at this specific moment in time are captured with contact details. They are input into the ATS and flagged accordingly.

Workforce Planning

No hiring happens in a vacuum. The more you are prepared the better your hiring. Our methodology encourages companies to plan for their workforce six months in advance. Recruiters work with Hiring Managers to map talent needs that are then translated into roles.

Talent Pipelines
Talent Pipelines

Key Benefits

To ensure roles are closed in a timely manner with the right talent, it is imperative to engage in the process of workforce planning and building talent pipelines

  • Reduce in time to hire
  • A better fit as there is no rush to close
  • Meet end user expectations
  • Increased efficiency as a result of workforce planning
  • Higher ROI in the hiring process

Ensures you can be proactive in finding the right talent in a timely manner. No chasing roles and candidates. Sets expectations and meets end user satisfaction

You can start identifying and sourcing the talent pool much before the role becomes active. Pipeline roles can be developed and sourcing started as would be for an active role

As you are ahead of the curve having identified the right companies, candidates to hire for the pipeline roles you can swiftly close the roles as they open or become active

Recruiting develops an expectation for end users to engage in workforce planning with the recruiters. When roles open and are filled in time with the right talent, it leads to increased user satisfaction and “happy” end users

Kevin Allen
VP Sales

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