100% Passive Talent. Realtime

Sourcing is a NUMBERS game. Do the NUMBERS!

100% Passive Talent. Realtime

Sourcing is a NUMBERS game. Do the NUMBERS!

by Raj Bhargava
Sourcing is a numbers game. The more qualified people you touch, the more you energize hidden and referral networks. We provide the bandwidth and processes to source the right talent for the now, future and forever.

Team Based Approach

We will put in a team of 4 specialists to quadruple your sourcing bandwidth. This means wider and deeper sourcing to find those hidden companies with great talent. This means better hiring as there is a wider selection of talent to choose from. A team based effort also means faster execution and hiring!

Multi Touch Marketing Campaigns

We will do all it takes to get your story heard. Our “story tellers” do a great job in selling your company. Once we understand your branding we run multi- channel marketing campaigns that include email, phone and social media. The goal is to attract 100% passive, talent real time.

Key Benefits

A team based effort ensures sourcing is done the right way – wide and deep to energize hidden and referral networks. These result in your company hiring the “right” talent

  • Double the submissions than the typical staffing agency
  • 100% passive talent, real-time
  • No tired, recycled candidates from stale databases
  • Headhunting from your direct and indirect competitors
  • Leverage LinkedIn to generate referrals

Map the local talent pools to source talent from. Map your direct and indirect competitors. Map the talent within these companies.

National, regional and local companies. Understand the company landscape to better target the right talent with the right skillsets and cultural fit

The better we understand the ecosystem, the better we succeed as we get to know your direct and indirect stakeholders. Ensures the right targeting and focus.

Mapping your direct and indirect competitors to target and headhunt. We make sure we target companies that are a good cultural fit.

Kevin Allen
VP Sales

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