Learning + Knowledgebases + Support

Helping you build strong processes to succeed.

Learning + Knowledgebases + Support

Helping you build strong processes to succeed.

by Raj Bhargava
There is a RIGHT way to find talent. It involves designing a methodology, best practices, knowledge bases, reporting, templates, market and competitive intelligence and talent mapping. We help you build the foundation for a robust sourcing platform

Knowledge Bases

As we research and source in a project we start capturing all the knowledge in a document that can act as the foundation of your platform. It includes all facets of sourcing that includes the methodology of how, when, when and why to source

Best Practices

There is a right way to source. When to reach out, number of touch points, how to reach out, what companies to target, understanding the correct cultural fit, screening guidelines, how to tell a story. All this gets compiles and input into best practices

Key Benefits

A robust platform helps you fill your roles with the right talent. You reduce your time to hire and your costs with well-defined processes

  • Defined and documented processes
  • Knowledge is retained with the company
  • Increase the chance of finding the right talent
  • Faster closing with defined processes
  • Increased efficiency with the talent acquisition process

As knowledge starts getting standardize and captured there is less chance of getting impacted with the recruiter walking out.

Increase the ROI on talent acquisition as you develop best practices on how to source the right way.

Increase department motivation and efficiency as the recruiting function develops knowledge bases and best practices

Take your sourcing to the next level as you get adept in the basics of talent acquisition.

Kevin Allen
VP Sales

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