100% Transparency with weekly dashboard meetings

An engagement that will exceed your expectations..

100% Transparency with weekly dashboard meetings

An engagement that will exceed your expectations..

by grnaj

Our weekly dashboard meetings ensure project transparency and open communications. As a true partner we ensure we are 100% onboard to find you the right talent for now and pipelines for the future!

Superior Client Experience

We have worked with over 300+ clients over the past decade and know what it takes to deliver the “RIGHT” way. A project based environment with defined deliverables, tasks, milestones, communications will ensure we meed and exceed your expectations, A superior client experience!

Project based Execution

All engagement run like projects with defined dates, milestone and processes. All project deliverables are ok’ed by the client incuding screening and reachout templates. Projects start with a fact finding with the Hiring Manager. Weekly communications take place with our dashboard meetings.

Say “No” to Staffing Agencies

Staffing firms charge $$$ for recycled candidates from stale databases. They quickly submit a few candidates hoping someone sticks. If not, abandon and move to the next client. This is flawed execution. This is a quick “bandaid” solution that may work for now but will never be the right solution for the long run. No pipelines; no knowledge bases; no support; no engagement.

say n21

Model Benefits and Highlights

A long term value proposition that benefits you for the NOW (closing roles); for the FUTURE (12 month pipelines) and the FOREVER (platform to include knowledge bases, best practice and consulting).

  • Team based approach – quadruple project effort – researcher, sourcer, outreach and storyteller
  • Increased project effort means more research and sourcing leading to more  submissions
  • More submissions means a wider choice and hence enhancing finding the “RIGHT” fit
  • Increased project effort leads to faster project closing as candidates get quickly submitted
  • Pipelines give you peace of mind for any attrition/growth occuring for the next 12 months
  • Ancillary support helps you with scheduling, screening, data entry, research for the project
  • Consulting support helps your seniro HR team with workforce planning, talent mapping etc
  • Ongong engagement with weekly dashboard meetings means a superior client experience
  • Low flat pricing saves you $$$ – up to 60% lower cost than your standard staffing agency

A team or 4 specialists (researcher, sourcer, outreach and storyteller) quadruple execution bandwidth to source more talent. More to shortlist from – quality hires with faster closings.

Your typical staffing firm goes for the low hanging fruit. If their submissions do not stick they move on to the next client. We are 100% engaged all the way to ensure project success.

Unlike staffing agencies, we do not recycle candidates from stale databases hoping someone will stick. All our sourcing is real time – 100% passive talent. Great talent – happily employed.

Mapping your direct and indirect competitors to target and headhunt. We make sure we target companies that are a good cultural fit. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 companies researched, analyzed and headhunted.

We run every engagement like a typical project with a defined start, end and milestones. Project progress is tracked and communicated. A formal, structured process leads to success.

We help you build pipelines. You can tap into this pipeline yourself and hire talent at zero cost to you or engage us at a discounted price. Bottom line – you are covered for 12 months!

As we have the bandwidth with a team in place, we can help you with any ancillary support tasks like research, scheduling, screening, data entry etc. Your extended team on standby!

With over a decade of experience working with over 300+ companies in the SMB &  Fortune 100 space we can help you with any workforce planning, best practices, talent acquisition strategy etc.

Unlike staffing firms, we provide a superior experience with our ongoing communications and weekly dashboard meetings where project progress is discussed. 100% transparency.

We strive for strategic partnerships where you consider us as an extension of your recruiting team. We can help you target new markets with talent mapping and other initiatives.

Kevin Allen
VP Sales

Reach out to me to showcase how our unique model can potentially support your needs.


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