Better way to close?

The Closing Conundrum

by grnaj

Better way to close?

The Closing Conundrum

by grnaj

by grnaj


We in the sales world are always looking for the Holy Grail for the “close”. Some of us have read dozens of books offering solutions on the close. The how, where, where, why of sales has been demystified many times over with the lingering thought still prevailing – how does one close the right way?

The path is littered with the “me too” solutions. The majority of them focus more on manipulating the prospect into buying something they may regret.

Is there an optimal way to close? Of course, not. Every product/service is different. Every human being is different. Every situation is different. However there are certain broad strokes that can be painted to better the closing process.

We believe in the “let it flow” philosophy. If you have a great solution that truly meets the prospect needs or addresses their pain points closing will happen, provided you are genuine in your intentions to help and of course can help.

The “let it flow” philosophy to close is made up of 3 essential components (the 3 E’s):


It all starts with a solid engagement process where you are able to hold a good conversation with the prospect. Of course this means success with the likability, trustworthy and credibility components. At the minimum the prospect likes you, finds you trustworthy and credible. This means you can now connect and engage. The prospect is ready to open their heart to you provided you are ready to receive. You are now set for the next phase.


Absolutely critical. You are here to solve a problem or need if a sales is to take place. This need or pain can be active (hurting now) or latent (hurt has been accepted over time but still exists). To truly empathize you need to be on the same page as the prospect. It is vital to understand the what/why/where/when/how of the pain. Where is the prospect coming from? You need to dig deeper and understand what the underlying root causes are. You need to feel their pain to empathize.


Here is where we take a sharp detour from the traditional experts. We believe in empowering the prospect to decide the yay or nay. If your solution truly meets their needs and you have communicated this effectively, well there is nothing much left to do. You have addressed all queries (objections in the traditional lingo). You now simply direct or guide the prospect towards the next steps. No need to sell or employ any pressure tactics. ). Do not force it. Do not coerce. . Empower them. The close will take place naturally. “Let it flow”. If you keep Zig Ziglar’s saying: “Stop selling. Start helping.” in mind your success rate with closure will be much higher.

 Take Away:

Your role is to solve the prospect’s problem. If your solution can do so – you have a sale. Else move on.

Make sure you understand the prospect’s perspective. It is vital to understand the what/why/where/when/how of the pain. Where is the prospect coming from?

If all is well (your solution meets the prospect’s needs) do not force or coerce the close. “Let it flow”.

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