Great sales leaders need to be headhunted.

We help you find outstanding sales leaders. PERIOD

Great sales leaders need to be headhunted.

We help you find outstanding sales leaders. PERIOD

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We have worked with over 300+ companies to find them great sales leaders. Sales leaders who will propel your company to the next level

Headhunting Sales Leaders

We will sit down with you to understand what companies to target to begin the headhunting process. The right sales leader needs to be identified from the right companies. Lots of market research, competitive intelligence with talent mapping.

Building a Robust Pipeline

A lot of times the relationship with your new leader is not per expectations due to various reasons. As part of our sourcing process we build pipelines of potential talent who may be interested should the situation arise. We create and maintain this pipeline for a period of 12 months once the project starts.

Why Senior Sales Talent

A research based approach that researches and analyzes all aspects of the role and skillsets required.

  • Understand the need/background of the role
  • Conduct market and competitive intelligence
  • Research and target the right companies
  • Headhunt via all channels
  • Provide 12 month support for any contingencies

Understand the need. The market. The role. The right skillsets.

What marketplaces/companies to target. Understand direct/indirect competitors.

Target the right individuals within the right companies. Headhunt using all channels including social media to engage prospects.

12 month support that includes building pipelines and platform.

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VP Sales

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