Your talent pool needs to contain A+ sales folks.

There are sales people. And then there are A+ sales people.

Your talent pool needs to contain A+ sales folks.

There are sales people. And then there are A+ sales people.

by grnaj
It is never about filling the role. It is about filling the role with the right talent.  The right talent with the right mindset and culture fit.

Quality Matters

Your typical staffing firm will go for the low hanging fruit. Source candidates from their stale databases. Recycled candidates. No real time sourcing. No deep reachout to energize hidden and referral networks. With  a team of 4 specialists we go deep and wide. “Let the town know you are hiring” to find a good number of sales folks to find the right A+ talent.

Quantity Matters

Sourcing is a numbers game. PERIOD. To find that one A+ sales person you  need to go through a lot of candidates. Lots of sourcing, lots of reach out, lots of screening and interviews. With a team based approach we have the bandwidth to make the magic happen. Quality matters. Quantitiy matters for quality to be delivered.

Why you need to partner with us

You need a partner who understands your business and talent priorities. Understands your ecosystem. Your marketplace. Your competitors. Your products and services. Your sales talent. Our value proposition extends to:

  • Help you design the right job profiles
  • Talent mapping to understand the market place
  • Help you source the right way
  • Ensure you find the right talent that will exceed your expectations

Understand the market. Understand the talent pool. Your direct and indirect competitors.

You need a good story to recruit the best. To stand out from your competition. We will help you craft a great message that will resonate.

We have our 90%+ customer satisfaction when it comes to engagement. With regular ongoing communications we strive to understand your needs and wants.

We help you build sourcing knowledge bases with best practices to take your sourcing to the next level.

Kevin Allen
VP Sales

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