100% Passive sales talent - REALTIME!

The RIGHT sales talent from REAL time sourcing

100% Passive sales talent - REALTIME!

The RIGHT sales talent from REAL time sourcing

by grnaj
Our sweet spot. Finding the right sales talent can be more of an art than a science. You cannot rely on skillsets (the ability to sell!). It is more about the background and cultural fit. Something we have mastered over the years

Sizeable Talent Pools

Sourcing sales talent is different from other skills where you can be guided by a few keywords pertaining to the skillet. Here it is more of a numbers game. You need to tap into a sizable talent pool to find the right talent with the right background and cultural fit

The Right Cultural Fit

A great sales rep at Dell may be a disaster at IBM, in spite of having the right skillsets and background. With sales, it more to do with the right cultural fit. The candidate should have worked with a company that closely matches the company were they are seeking employment for him or her to succeed.

Key Benefits

Finding the right sales talent who will multiply your revenue streams means going beyond simple keywords

  • The right sales talent who will stick around and deliver
  • Wide selection of talent to shortlist
  • Extensive experience sourcing sales talent across all industries
  • Headhunting from your direct and indirect competitors
  • True specialization with the SMB space

Sourcing starts with understanding your company – background, cultural fit, nature of sales, current sales talent pool

The right companies to target and headhunt that match the values and culture of your company. The right size, the right fit

Increase the pool of qualified talent to submit. Reach out to large qualified talent pools to generate referral talent

The right fit who will stick around and deliver. The right background; the right skillset; the right fit.

Kevin Roberts
VP Sales

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